KIPPY KPI MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Company Registration Number 12239770 (England and Wales) © 2020

in partnership with

Strategy and performance teams

often struggle to support

corporate decision-making due to

failed strategy implementations



performance management ... made simple


 empower and implement your strategy


track your KPIs and projects performance at all levels in one place ​

access from any computer or smart phone ​


 avoid cumbersome change management and installation headaches to go live within a week ​

your very own fully supported cloud-instance with no IT management needed


easily configurable to match your business requirements  and integrate with your own systems and business processes. ​


pay-per-use to reduce costs by only paying for what your organisation needs


fine-grained role-based access control per user and team

industry-leading security, encryption and monitoring at all layers

we will not share your data with anyone! Ever!

KPIs & Projects Modules

Kippy performance management is a powerful cloud system that includes

 “KPIs Module” and “Projects Module” which are linked directly to organisation strategy.

Kippy enables organisations to foster innovation and increase performance.

Kippy empower managers to share information, encourage engagement, track KPIs, manage projects and provide overall performance visibility for all stakeholders.

BI Analytics & Governance

Kippy takes a holistic approach and broad look at corporate governance and BI analytics, offering many powerful governance, business agility, teams structure and security features.

Kippy enhances business value and operational efficiency by introducing automated reports, friendly dashboards, collaboration and analytical tools that drive performance culture, informed decision-making, rapid problem-solving in a single system.

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