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real-time organisational performance

make operational decisions with confidence
focus on most critical objectives
get productive in minutes with just a few clicks

Why use

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Lead with confidence

business intelligence to make informed decisions and prove success of any approach 

Effort vs Achievement

align activities to strategic objectives to ensure effort is pushing business forward, not holding it back!

Improve performance

ensure compliance, eliminate errors and create a culture to

continuously improve

‘the whole business’

Get ahead, stay ahead

“If you measure it,

it gets done”

modern reporting for modern ways of working

What are KPIs?

Business intelligence to measure, monitor and manage performance.

KPIs vary by industry, organisations and departments.

KPIs help focus on most critical objectives for current and future success.

What is measured?

Customer focus

Customer satisfaction, Service Level Agreement, Service Quality

Internal processes

Time improvement, Waste, Sustainability, Technology maturity, Operational effectiveness


Budget, Revenue improvement, Cost reduction, Sales


Morale, Advocacy, Engagement, Gender equality, Discrimination


Data, Regulation, Standards, Best practices

Who can you track?

Measure the same or different KPIs across multiple dimensions. 


Customer service,

Finance departments,

Ops, HR, IT,

Marketing, Sales

Work in progress

Programmes, projects,


strategic objectives


Divisions, regions,

reporting lines,

value chains

How do they help?

 Provide easy access to summarised information.

Personalised for multiple levels of the organisation


To empower decision making and continuous improvement

Exec level

Define, monitor and re-align strategy 

Ops level

Application, control

and intervention

PMO and team level

Assessment, remediation and causal-analysis

with intuitive workflows to provide updates in seconds, that are reflected in real-time

address highlighted problems and instantly

allocate remedial tasks to track to resolution

see summarised statuses and trends immediately, without the need for any set up or configuration

with easy drill-downs for more detail when you want to see it.

What is the solution?

Why are they relevant?

Business challenges have changed

Traditional reporting redundant for

modern methodologies and workforce mindsets

Technical issues tricky to articulate and 

no longer align simply to reporting lines


Economics have changed

Mis-informed decisions, indecision and lost opportunities

can be fatal to the organisation

Successful disruption can have exponential benefits


Perceptions have changed

Customers, clients and stakeholders

care about more than just profit

Gender equality, anti-discrimination, sustainability,

social responsibility, ethics

are equally as important

What are the challenges?

Will it be worth it?

Will it genuinely improve my ability to make the right decisions?

Will the information be current, accurate

and readily available? 

How do I execute this?

How do I overcome team resistance to the learning curve?

What about the overheads of maintaining the KPIs and providing regular updates?

How do I get started?

How do I identify relevant KPIs?

Do I have the time to set up the relevant reports and dashboards?

To provide an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile and desktop app,

like you are used to on your smart phones and home-life,

to digitise the end-to-end process, defaulted with standard templates

to democratise KPI specification, maintenance and measuring to your teams to self-manage


How kippy works

Register > Customise > Invite > Track

within minutes

KPI and Status Reports

Review and drilldown on KPIs per board rapidly and intuitively


Allows KPIs to be rolled up to corporate objectives


Leadership can quickly see where they need to focus


Trending and status reporting per workstream and KPI.

Unlimited Boards

Create multiple boards per division, programme, objectives  to align work in a recognisable work breakdown structure

Summarize health by contributors and initiatives

Add contributing teams dynamically and invite others as needed.

Integrated with leading apps

Integrated with Slack


KPI allows Integration with leading 3rd party apps that you can use to manage communities, tasks and more.


Organically build communities of interest


"Invaluable insight on how operational decisions are aligned to strategic objectives."

"Essential in helping us quickly understand risk, quality and compliance."


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